NHS Future Funding

Thank you for contacting me about how to fund the NHS in the future. 

How to fund the NHS in the long-term is one of the most pressing and potent political issues facing the country. Demand for the NHS continues to rise, and as the population is ageing, there are a growing number of widespread chronic conditions which will be increasingly expensive and challenging without a credible and effective plan to fund the NHS and social care. 

As I am sure you are aware, the Prime Minister recently announced the Government's intention to provide the NHS with an additional £20.5 billion by 2023/24. This new investment is extremely welcome, and I hope you agree it demonstrates the Government's commitment to properly funding our NHS and public services. 

Alongside this, the NHS is working on a ten year plan to demonstrate how it will continue to improve patient care, offer world-class services, and increase productivity, which is so important in a taxpayer funded healthcare system.

There is now a new Secretary of State for Health, Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP and he will be working with the Chancellor to set out the details of how this funding will be provided. Some will come from the savings we make when we leave the EU. My ministerial colleagues are working to provide a solution which provides the NHS with the investment it needs, and to ensure it is financially sustainable in the long run. It is essential that our public services are supported by a strong and healthy economy, and  the Government will work to foster the growth and economic dynamism the NHS needs to thrive.

The Government's recent record on the NHS is commendable. Despite difficult financial circumstances, NHS investment has increased every year since 2010, and I believe this new investment will help to secure NHS services for  future generations..

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.



Updated July 2018