HS2 Point of Order (25 April 2019)

I have tabled a request to Mr Speaker for an Urgent Notice Question to halt construction work on HS2. If granted, the request would mean that a Government minister must come to the House of Commons to answer the Urgent Question on Monday 29 April.

Ten Climate Change Actions to Celebrate (25 April 2019)

Public concern about climate change is growing to unprecedented levels as the threat of global warming has never been more apparent. However, we should all be proud of the UK'S world-leading role in tackling climate change and the transition to Clean Growth. 

Combat Trade in Tigers (16 April 2019)

I have urged the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Michael Gove to support further measures to combat the trade in tigers and other big cats. 

Loan Charges (4 April 2019)

I expressed serious concerns about the effects of the Loan Charge, during a debate in the House of Commons on Thursday 4th April.

HS2 Business Question (4 April 2019)

Today, I asked the Leader of the House of Commons for a debate on budgeting and the transparency of public projects and their finances, a Question prompted by HS2.