Westminster letter


One of the most frequent searches on the www.gov.uk website is “Find A Job”.  This would always be a common search at this time of year. University students are graduating and usually we’d be approaching the end of the school year. But this year there will be others, who have been in full time jobs, but who sadly now face redundancy, through the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the businesses in which they work. Whole sectors like hospitality, tourism and aviation have been affected.

Training, retraining and learning new skills will be at the forefront of those job searches.

Those looking for courses and training online can get advice about the necessary qualifications and funding from the National Careers Service on www.gov.uk.

Working from home prompted a lot of us to rethink our digital skills. The National Careers Service provides information - for the absolute beginner as well as those wanting to develop more advanced skills for work. Everybody needs to be aware of staying safe online.

Help is available with learning costs. Details can be found by searching “Career skills and training” on www.gov.uk.  There are links about grants and bursaries which don’t need to be repaid. Learner Support is available for those aged 19 or over, with Advanced Learning Loans tailored for people of 24 and over.

There’s good news close to home as this week Buckinghamshire Business First, our local Growth Hub, launches an initiative. They are working with partners to support both employers and individuals through this tough time, including helping people find a new job, training opportunities and financial support. Visit www.bbf.uk.com/redundancy-support.

Equally importantly, as pupils return to school, we need to support this generation of young people who have faced a hiatus in their education, so they don’t suffer disadvantage in the future.

[This article was previously published in the Bucks Free Press]