Visiting the Amersham Commercial Park

At the beginning of this New Year of 2019, I was reminded once again about how good a place Chesham & Amersham is in terms of employment – and what excellent skills the people of this constituency possess, which is widely recognised by potential employers.

Late in November, I was delighted to perform the opening ceremony at the Amersham Commercial Park. This is a previously disused site on Raans Road, which has been transformed.  In the space of 9 months it has become a place where businesses can move into brand-new units. The town of Amersham will benefit from an investment of more than £10 million into the local economy.

In December, the Department for Work and Pensions published figures for unemployment, which showed that in this area only 1.0% of the economically active population aged 16 to 64 were unemployed. This contrasts favourably with the national average unemployment claimant rate of 3.0%.  Overall, nationally, 32.48 million people are at work and this figure is more than ever before. The unemployment rate is at a near 40 year low.

Out of the increase of nearly 400,000 more people in work in the last year, 23,000 of those jobs are in the manufacturing sector. Thus, I was pleased to see the new industrial units at the Amersham Commercial Park, fulfilling this need.

This area’s reputation for good skills clearly starts young with our good schools.  A national broadsheet newspaper recently published lists of the top ten primary schools divided into local education authority and I was pleased to see that the list included four schools from this constituency. Well done to the teachers, governors, parents and not least the pupils for this achievement!

May I wish all constituents a Happy New Year and I hope that we shall see growing prosperity within the UK economy.