US Executive Order

Cheryl was on her feet in the chamber of the House of Commons again speaking up for her constituents in Chesham & Amersham, on Monday 30 January. Questioning the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, in the statement about the executive order signed by Donald Trump at the weekend excluding citizens from seven countries from the USA on a temporary basis,  Rt Hon Cheryl Gillan MP said that some residents who are British citizens but of Iranian extraction had contacted her, under the Obama administration, about their bank accounts in the UK being closed as a result of previous US policy decisions.

Mrs Gillan urged the Foreign Secretary and the Government to seek protections and assurances from the USA so that this will not result in “further personal financial sanctions” on British citizens.

Cheryl said:

“ I know the Foreign Secretary understands the fear that this Executive order has struck into the hearts of some of our British citizens, particularly as during the Obama Administration British citizens of Iranian extraction in my constituency had their bank accounts at UK banks closed, ostensibly because of US banking rules. May I urge the Foreign Secretary not to disengage from the USA, but to seek protections and assurances to ensure that the Executive order does not lead to further personal financial sanctions on British citizens originally from these seven countries?”

Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP said Cheryl Gillan had “ made an excellent point.” He continued:

“I would just remind the House that the reason the particular seven countries have been singled out—there has been a certain amount of confusion and controversy about this—is that they were in fact the seven selected by the Obama Administration for the withdrawal of the visa waiver scheme for anybody who had been to those countries.”

Cheryl Gillan commented: “In the past some of my constituents have been affected adversely and we need to make sure that there are no unintended consequences. We may not like the Order that President Trump has signed but we must ensure that we get full assurances that British citizens will not be subject to adverse consequences.”