It’s been a sensational summer for sport – football being one of those sports which started out as a winter game but which adapts brilliantly to the summer as well. We’ll be saying “Well done England” for a while yet!  But of course the England women’s football team was also in a World Cup semi-final a while ago.

Meanwhile, congratulations to the organisers and all the participants in the Buckinghamshire festival of women’s soft ball cricket. I was really sorry not to have been able to come along to the match in Chesham. This sounded great fun for everyone.

As I write this I am making preparations to visit the Chesham Rugby Club for the official opening of their new clubhouse.  Although we’d probably associate rugby with autumn and winter, in fact the Rugby Sevens World Cup took place in San Francisco in July.  There’s a thriving women’s rugby team in addition to youth teams and also a netball team. Raising the funds to build the new clubhouse will enable more activities to take place. It is highly appropriate that the new clubhouse at Chesham should have been given the name of the Future Building, because the aim is to create this in spirit as well as in a physical building.

Anyone who reads Your Chesham and Your Amersham will know that people in this area love their sport and without the volunteers who put in endless hours these flourishing community activities could dwindle away. The dedication which they bring to this task is amazing.

The emphasis which has been placed on encouraging the young players of the England football squad echoes the efforts which have been made in bringing forward young athletes in a multitude of Olympic sports. These efforts also go on week in and week out at local clubs, with families and coaches supporting young people as they seek to emulate their national heroes and heroines.

 [This article was previously published in Your Chesham and Your Amersham]