Rt Hon Dame Cheryl praises the heroes of Buckinghamshire during the Covid-19 crisis

Press Release from

Rt Hon Dame Cheryl Gillan MP

House of Commons, LONDON, SW1A 0AA

17 June 2020


Chesham & Amersham’s MP has praised the heroes of Buckinghamshire for their work in the Covid-19 crisis. During Cabinet Office Questions on 11 June, she said:

“In order to save lives, the covid crisis has actually seen the Government take, I think, the most difficult decision—to deprive people of their freedom—since the second world war. Now, as central Government take a strategic lead to set out the road to recovery, would my right hon. Friend agree with me that the real heroes of the piece are local people, charities and public services, such as the new Buckinghamshire Council and the Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, and should they not be recognised for their amazing work, which has brought out the best in our society and helped everyone?”

The Minister for the Cabinet Office, Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, replied:

“My right hon. Friend is absolutely right. I know that people in Chesham and Amersham, and elsewhere in Buckinghamshire, have benefited from her advocacy and from the energetic work of the local authority. She is right that we will, in appropriate time, need to recognise the commitment of those in civil society and elsewhere. I know that her championing of their cause has been heard in other parts of Government, and more will follow later in order to recognise exactly the validity of the argument she makes.”

Dame Cheryl, who has been working closely with the Buckinghamshire Council and the Healthcare NHS Trust, the Thames Valley Police and others throughout the Covid Crisis, commented on the response saying “I believe many people need to be recognised for the phenomenal contribution they have made to keeping people safe and secure. There are some heart-breaking stories but also many heartening ones that have brought out the best in our towns and villages. I hope each community will continue to build on the great spirit of volunteering as well as the dedication of our professionals and recognise and value more the jobs that people do and have done that have shown Buckinghamshire at its best.”