Rt Hon Dame Cheryl Gillan MP called for a government debate on economic recovery and devolved spending for Buckinghamshire, on 3 September 2020 in the House of Commons.

Press Release from

Rt Hon Dame Cheryl Gillan MP

House of Commons, LONDON, SW1A 0AA


3 September 2020


In the first session of Business Questions in the House of Commons on 3 September, the MP for Chesham & Amersham, the Rt Hon Dame Cheryl Gillan MP, has called for a Government debate on allowing counties like Buckinghamshire to have devolved funding and other flexible arrangements to allow the local economy to flourish.

Dame Cheryl said:

“Buckinghamshire’s strong Conservative unitary Council works closely with our Local Enterprise Partnership, our business organisation Bucks Business First and our local healthcare Trust and presents a great opportunity to act as a pathfinder for our local devolution policies.

“We have significant assets such as Pinewood Studios, three enterprise zones and  significant space and motor sport industries but we also have areas of deprivation and the impending layoffs from Heathrow and the aviation industry are presenting major challenges.

 “Could we have a debate on economic recovery and devolution so we can set out how Buckinghamshire with the right investment combined with devolved funding and more freedoms and flexibility could form a successful partnership with central government to spearhead the rebuilding of our economy?”

The Leader of the House, Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, responded:

“ My Rt Hon Friend makes a compelling case for the innovative economy in Buckinghamshire supported by a well run local authority. I am sure that many members of the House would be interested in taking part in a debate on economic recovery although I think these subjects could be included in the Opposition Day debate next week. Local leadership will be crucial in the recovery from the corona virus and we will set out our plans for devolution to local areas in the Devolution and Local White Paper later this year. These plans will ensure that local economies have the investment needed to start growth and also the right regulatory environment to enable businesses to innovate freely and to really drive our recovery, so I think most of what my Rt Hon Friend is asking for is actually broadly in the pipeline.”

Dame Cheryl said later, “ We are in a completely new economic situation and with my own Cabinet experience of working within a devolved economy in Wales, we need now to apply those lessons that have been learned within Buckinghamshire and other areas in England, to foster and allow our local economies to flourish.”