Cheryl Gillan, Conservative MP for Chesham & Amersham, has called on the Government to ‘stop talking and start acting’ after Tony Blair’s eighth Queen’s Speech was used to kick-start the Labour Party’s campaign for the General Election.

With an election expected in about five months’ time, Tony Blair used the Speech to ask people to trust him to deliver after seven-and-a-half years spent focusing on the wrong priorities.

Cheryl Gillan suggested it was no surprise that Tony Blair has finally started talking about the issues that matter to people just five months before a possible general election, but argued that people should not put their trust in a man who has shown he will forget about them once the election is over.

Cheryl Gillan said:

“ Empty promises are this Government’s hallmark. I’m sure this offering will be no different. Tony Blair has had more than seven years to address the things that matter to people, but instead his Government has spent that time fighting the wrong battles.

“ After seven-and-a-half years in power, 66 tax rises and record increases in spending, many people I speak to across the Chesham & Amersham constituency still want to know when

Tony Blair’s Government will deliver on the things that matter to them.

“ Increasingly, people tell me that the Conservative Party is talking about the right things. We are committed to an extra 1183 police for the Thames Valley area, and we will also deliver cleaner hospitals, school discipline, controlled immigration and lower taxes.

“ We will also be accountable for our actions. Our specific Timetable for Action has set out very clearly how and when we’ll deliver these things so that people can judge us by our record.

“ As the election gets closer people also know that the only way to stop four more years of Blair is to support the Conservative alternative. The Liberal Democrats are actually losing support as people focus on their plans for 40 new taxes and a softer approach to burglars and drug-dealers.

“ All we get from Labour is talk when we need action and action when we don’t. They tell us what to eat, how to raise our children and how to spend our spare time. But this Government can’t turn talk into action when it matters. It’s time for a Conservative Government that will.”