Ms Belly Mujinga

Ms Belly Mujinga who died with Covid-19 after reportedly having been spat at while working at Victoria Station has been raised by many people.

I am informed that the subsequent investigation by the British Transport Police (BTP) found no evidence of anyone spitting or of her sad death being linked to the incident.

However, in a new statement, BTP has invited the Crown Prosecution Service to conduct an independent review of the available evidence, and whether there were any further lines of inquiry.

BTP has said it understood the depth of feeling over the case and that there may be further questions over how it was decided there was insufficient proof of a crime to justify a prosecution.

I support this independent review as we need to assure people that all the available evidence is comprehensively examined so that nothing has been missed in the circumstances surrounding Ms Mujinga’s death and treatment whilst working in our transport system.




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