Mr George Floyd

Thank you for contacting me about the death of George Floyd in the USA which shocked and appalled me.

I do not know anyone that wasn’t sickened by the manner of George Floyd’s death and understand the strength of feeling behind the protests which have taken place in many places around the world.

It should be condemned by all.

The Officer responsible for Mr Floyd’s death is currently awaiting trial for murder and three other officers have been charged. There will be a Federal Review and it is important to see that justice is done.

I will ensure that my colleagues in Government are aware of the strength of feeling in our community and have tabled a written question to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office asking what response it has received following any representations they have made to the USA following this violent death. The response will be posted on this website.

In response to a question in the House last week the Prime Minister said “Let me begin by associating myself absolutely with what the right hon. and learned Gentleman had to say about the death of George Floyd. I think that what happened in the United States was appalling and inexcusable. We all saw it on our screens.

I perfectly understand people’s right to protest at what took place, although obviously I also believe that protests should take place in a lawful and reasonable way.”

Please find my question and the response from the Foreign and Commonwealth Officer following the death of George Floyd: 

To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, what response he has received to the representations he has made to the Government of the USA following the death of George Floyd. (55834)

Tabled on: 08 June 2020

Wendy Morton:

The Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary have been clear that the death of George Floyd was appalling, inexcusable and deeply distressing. We are aware that four suspects have been charged and there is a federal review underway. We would hope and expect justice to be done.

The answer was submitted on 11 Jun 2020 at 13:53.


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