Cheryl Gillan MP has voiced concerns about the Gambling Bill which is currently being considered by Parliament.

“ The laws on gambling do need to be updated, but this is a step too far,” said the MP for Chesham and Amersham. “ We need controls on Internet gambling, for example, because children and young people could be influenced to gamble on-line. However, the plan to allow ‘super casinos’ does not meet the aim of protecting the vulnerable.”

Mrs Gillan fears the measure will lead more people into an addiction to gambling, damaging individuals and their families. “ The original idea was that the industry will finance schemes to help problem gamblers. Yet we hear from drug and alcohol projects that there is not enough funding – but when the Government introduced 24-hour liquor licensing legislation, that Bill did not call on the alcohol industry to fund treatment for problem drinkers. Are we, in future years, going to hear about the lack of funding for schemes to help gambling addicts? The Government is being short-sighted if they think they can create‘super casinos’ without creating difficulties for vulnerable people who may become addicted to gambling.”