Local Plan Consultation extended to Friday 23 August.


Usually a Stop Press item comes at the end, but here it is at the beginning, because just after I sent through my article to Your Chesham and Your Amersham, important news came in!  Councillor Isobel Darby has announced that the Local Plan Consultation is being extended to Friday 23 August. This gives everyone longer to get their views submitted. It’s vital that everyone should take this opportunity.

After that ‘breaking news’:

Climate change is something about which most people are concerned and this country has a good record, initially in acknowledging the scientific evidence and then in implementing measures to mitigate it, such as the ban on the CFC chemicals damaging the ozone layer. Since then there have been many other initiatives. The UK was the first to set emissions reductions targets which are long-term and legally-binding. In June, this country became the first major economy to legislate for a net zero greenhouse gas emissions target for 2050.

This country also has a major global role as a financial centre and system. Through proposals launched at the beginning of July, the Green Finance Strategy aims to deliver the investment we need to meet our environmental objectives. This would align private sector financial flows with clean, environmentally sustainable and resilient growth.

There is a lot of potential for this: to realise the goal that providing a better future for our young people does not involve ruining the environment in which they will live.

The expertise in the City of London is immense and the City can unlock capital for renewable and clean technologies, as well as providing the new financial services and products demanded for a greener future. Things like ‘green mortgages’ and finance for home energy efficiency will be crucial.

Integrating climate and environmental risks and opportunities should be part and parcel of this. All listed companies and large asset owners should be encouraged to include climate-related financial disclosures. This will help to ensure that our financial systems are also resilient. For instance, most banks already identify climate change as a risk, yet only 1 in 10 takes a strategic approach to managing this.

The aim is for climate-related disclosures to become accepted practice across the financial services sector by 2022.

(This article was previously published in Your Chesham and Your Amersham)