House of Lords HS2 Committee

Rt Hon Cheryl Gillan, Member of Parliament for Chesham and Amersham, gave evidence this week to the House of Lords HS2 Select Committee alongside residents in South Heath and called for further mitigation to protect the area against HS2.


Mrs Gillan was called as a witness on behalf of residents living around the proposed tunnel portal in South Heath, and requested an independent assessment of a 1km bored tunnel extension to Liberty Lane, further noise protections, and fair and generous compensation. She later spoke in the HS2 statement in the House of Commons, and asked the Secretary of State to ensure that mistakes made on Phase One of the project are not repeated in Phase Two.


Mrs Gillan said,  “I was pleased to be called as a witness by residents in the South Heath area, and I very much hope that the House of Lords Committee recommends practical and helpful alterations to the Bill that will alleviate the effect of this project on residents. The Chilterns is a beautiful area of the country, and many vulnerable people live within the close proximity of the line. This project must be done in the right way to protect the environment and affected communities.


“ With the announcement of the next phase of the project, this point now stands for the whole line. I have asked the Secretary of State to improve the Department for Transport and HS2 Ltd’s performance, and protect the people and places affected by HS2 .”


You can listen to the entire session on the website here:…