Gillan: Brown taking Wales for granted

Shadow Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan has today criticised Gordon Brown for taking Wales for granted after he delivered his Budget statement in the Commons.

Cheryl Gillan said:

“Wales is clearly little more than an afterthought to Gordon Brown. As with Labour politicians for the last few years it seems he is content to continue taking the votes of Welsh people for granted.

“Gordon Brown should be asking himself why, after his tenth budget, Wales is still officially the poorest part of the UK, with a quarter of children living in poverty, and why homelessness in Wales has almost doubled since 2000.

“This budget was the Chancellor's chance to change direction from the failed policies of the past and deliver real benefits for the people of Wales. But he didn’t take the opportunity because he’s stuck in the past – the roadblock to reform.

“Hard-working families are increasingly worse off under this Chancellor. And with higher and higher taxes, the people of Wales will continue to ask: Where is the delivery?”