Fixing Commuter problems on the Metropolitan line (20 September 2019)

The latest from TFL on the Metropolitan Line service:

On 1 September, a section of new digital signalling was introduced between Finchley Road and Euston Square, and Latimer Road and Euston Square. This is part of our transformation of the signalling system on some of the oldest and busiest parts of the network, which will improve the reliability of the service and the frequency of trains. Introducing a new signalling system in a live environment is a huge change which can take time to settle and I’m sorry that customers have been disrupted while the signalling system beds in.  

We initially faced a number of challenges when the signalling was introduced. Much of this was due to the fact that a number of train operators had not been able to complete their training in time, due to a number of reasons including a defective train, which prevented trains getting through the required area. This, as well as a couple of other minor operational incidents unrelated to the signalling, had a knock on impact on the availability of train operators which meant that service was initially disrupted. Since then, we have been working hard to restore good service, with an increasing number of trains available in service each day as more train operators complete their familiarisation trips. This phase of disruption is now over, and we are reviewing our plans as future sections of the new signalling are introduced to ensure disruption is kept to an absolute minimum in the future. 

On 18 September there was a points failure at Baker Street which led to a part suspension of the Metropolitan line and severe delays on the Circle line and Hammersmith & City line. While this was not connected to the same disruption early in the month, I understand the frustration of you and your constituents about this continued poor service. I would like to reassure you and your constituents that Oyster and contactless customers who have been delayed by more than 15 minutes and whose journeys have changed are being automatically refunded.