Probably most of us make an effort to clean up the house when we are expecting visitors, but people in Chesham made an extra special effort to clean up the town on Saturday 8th September, ahead of the Open Heritage Day on Sunday 9th September.

The members of the Chesham Society were responsible for organising the clean-up, which involved litter picking, weeding and general tidying up to make the town spick and span. They handed out bin bags and even arranged the loaning out of those useful grabber widgets to pincer up bits of litter. Well done to the Chesham Society – and well done to the families, friends and neighbours who got together for a couple of hours to make Chesham an even more attractive place.

There was also a huge variety of places to visit, including historic buildings, places of worship for our faith communities, displays from civic organisations, various sports and arts venues, plus the commercial and charitable organisations who carry out their work in the town. Again, this required volunteers to help make everyone welcome on this special day. Chesham had a fantastic range of places to visit and there was also a vintage bus to allow visitors to go to venues in Amersham and Chesham Bois.

Events like this and the Chiltern Festival, which is being organised by the Chiltern Society and runs until 6 October, would never be possible without community-minded people getting together and giving their time to make sure that everything goes smoothly. The volunteers share their knowledge and enthusiasm for the places they love, doing their very best to inspire others who will carry forward the message that our towns and villages are great places to live and work – and to play and relax!  The Chiltern Walking Festival starts in October, too.

There are a feast of festivals, thanks to everyone who gives up their spare time to enhance the whole community around them.

(This article was published previously in the Bucks Examiner and the Bucks Advertiser)