Congratulations on Your Chesham's 100th issue

I remember saying at one of the first Chesham Carnivals which I attended (several years ago now!!) that this is Britain at its best and I have never doubted that, ever since that fantastic early summer day.

Community is what Chesham & Amersham is all about. Your Chesham and Your Amersham are the epitome of that, in the news which you report and also in the way that our towns and villages are such warm and welcoming places.

The huge range of activities available locally would be envied by much bigger communities, because people are dedicated, heart and soul, to what they do. They take on responsibilities and they set about making life just a bit better for everyone around them. They volunteer, they run errands for neighbours as well as running events large and small. They train to represent their community in sports teams, but they also undertake different sorts of training, so they learn about risk assessments, health and safety issues and all the requirements to make sure that groups of people gather safely. Residents step forward to carry out services for our communities, across all levels at local government, and in our schools where people take on responsibilities to act as governors. They bring their expertise, while they add to and enhance whatever they do.

Quite a while ago now, Chesham was known for the production of “beer, boots and brooms”. There have been a lot of changes but maybe now we have moved on to the third letter of the alphabet and Chesham is known for “community, caring and cheerfulness” – as are so many other places locally, despite the pressures of life in the 21st century.

Every community needs its chroniclers and Your Chesham can be proud of producing the 100th issue. Everybody is looking forward to the next 100 – congratulations!!!

[This article appeared previously in Your Chesham and Your Amersham]