Cheryl urges Government to put off HS2 Bill

Cheryl today urged the government to put off the High Speed Rail (Preparation) Bill until there are satisfactory outcomes to four current and as yet unresolved issues.

At Business Questions in the House of Commons on Thursday 13 June, Mrs Gillan asked the Leader of the House, Andrew Lansley, to put off the Parliamentary process until four issues have been settled.

These are:

  1. The consultation on the draft environmental statement for High Speed 2.
  2. The Court of Appeal proceedings.
  3. The Information Commissioner’s call for the Major Projects Authority’s detailed report on HS2 to be published.
  4. The adverse National Audit Office report on the financing of aspects of the project.


“Surely introducing a preparation Bill giving unlimited spending power at this stage is premature?” asked Mrs Gillan.

Mr Lansley said that the Second Reading is “about giving parliamentary authority.”