Cheryl re-elected to serve on All-Party Parliamentary Groups

The All Party Parliamentary Groups are a way that parliamentarians can work across the political divides to influence and change policy on important areas. They also act as a prime liaison point between various sectors and parliament and are now regulated to increase transparency.

Since returning to the back benches Cheryl has been elected to Chair several of these groups and has stood as Vice Chairman in this new round of elections which follow the General Election whenever it occurs.

Chesham and Amersham’s MP was re-elected to serve as the Vice-Chair of several all party Parliamentary groups – and elected to a new group – for her – in Parliament on Tuesday 18 July.

Rt Hon Cheryl Gillan MP continues with her work as Vice Chair in the groups on Muscular Dystrophy, Environment and Sepsis.

The new group, for Cheryl, is Women in Parliament, of which Cheryl Gillan MP is now the Vice-Chair. The Chair is Mims Davies MP.  There are now more women in the Commons than ever before.  2018 will be the centenary of the election of the first woman MP, although that MP did not take her seat and the first woman MP to do so was Lady Astor in 1919. “We need to hear women’s voices on an increasing basis in our parliamentary system and, across the parties, stand against the wave of bullying and intimidation that has started to permeate our politics. We are constantly reminded of the tragic murder of our colleague Jo Cox by her shield now installed in the chamber of the House of Commons. Violence against elected politicians cannot be tolerated and the levels of intimidation seem to have been rising in recent times.”

Cheryl Gillan MP has also been re-elected as Chair of the APPG on Autism to continue her work as we lead up to the tenth anniversary of the Autism Act 2009 which she took through parliament to be the first disability specific legislation in the UK.

In the final few days before Parliament rose, Cheryl was elected as Vice Chair of the APPG on the environment. This is in addition to Cheryl’s role as honorary President of the Buckinghamshire branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

“ There is a lot of work to be done in this new Parliament on all these areas,” said Cheryl Gillan.

In addition Cheryl Gillan was re-elected as the Vice-Chair of the influential Conservative 1922 Committee when the House of Commons reassembled after the general election.She is the only woman officer of the 1922 but has been joined by four female colleagues on the executive.