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The volunteers who run a centre in Amersham, to help families who are affected by relationship breakdowns, have had their work honoured with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service this June.

Santander Amersham Branch Closure

Following the notice from Santander Bank that the Amersham branch is to close later this year, I immediately wrote to share my concerns and received the enclosed response in return. 

Santander Amersham Branch Closure

Enclosed is the notice from Santander Bank that their Amersham branch is to close in June 2019, as well as the letter they sent to me explaining the reasons behind this decision. 

Also attached is the reply I sent to them to express my disappointment in this decision. 

Visiting the Amersham Commercial Park

At the beginning of this New Year of 2019, I was reminded once again about how good a place Chesham & Amersham is in terms of employment – and what excellent skills the people of this constituency possess, which is widely recognised by potential employers.