Black Lives Matter

Thank you for your questions concerning the protests that have been held under the banner of Black Lives Matter.

I completely understand the anger that is being felt in all parts of our country.

The blood chilling pictures of the brutal death of George Floyd have highlighted inequalities of treatment and have naturally caused a reaction from all right minded people to this violent murder.

It has resulted in mass protests around the globe despite the international emergency from the pandemic. In the UK we have the right to peaceful protest and the majority of people over the weekend did so peaceably.

However, sadly,  the demonstrations were marred by instances of violence – which are a betrayal of the cause that people were supporting and feel so strongly about.

Some people, presumably in this context, have asked what constitutes a “gathering”. Under current rules designed to protect lives and control this deadly virus, for which there is no cure, gatherings, in England, of more than 6 people are not allowed precisely because they put lives at risk.

The Government has also condemned the violence that took place particularly against police officers.

We police by consent in the UK and the sight of missiles being hurled at our police officers many of whom have been injured must also be condemned.




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