HS2 (Phase One) Hybrid Bill

What is the HS2 (Phase One) Hybrid Bill?

The High Speed 2 (Phase One) Hybrid Bill is currently before Parliament. The Bill will grant the powers necessary to construct and operate Phase One of HS2 between London and the West Midlands.

Hybrid bills are government bills which affect certain individuals and bodies in ways that do not affect everybody. The reason that the HS2 Bill is a hybrid bill is because the project would affect, for example, my constituents in Buckinghamshire far more than, say, the people of Exeter.

The hybrid bill process allows those who are directly and specially affected by HS2 to object to the Bill’s provisions and seek its amendment though a petitioning process.

How does the HS2 (Phase One) Hybrid Bill progress through Parliament?

Much like a public bill, hybrid bills often begin life in the House of Commons at First Reading before being debated in a Second Reading debate. If MPs vote for the bill at Second Reading then the bill moves to the Select Committee Stage. The hybrid bill select committees are made up of about 7-10 MPs whose constituencies are not affected by the bill’s proposals. Currently the names proposed for the committee are Sir Peter Bottomley, Robert Syms (Chair), Henry Bellingham, Ian Mearns, Yasmin Qureshi and Michael Thornton. Following this, the bill will then be examined by a Public Bill Committee (Committee Stage) before moving back to the floor of the house for Report Stage and Third Reading. To learn more about the Public Bill Committee Stage, Report Stage and Third Reading click here.

This process is then repeated in the House of Lords but without the special consultation procedure.

What stage is the HS2 (Phase One) Hybrid Bill currently at?

The Bill passed through the Third Reading in the House of Commons on 23 March 2016 and it entered the House of Lords. The Bill is now going through the House of Lords Select Committee stage.

What happens next? 

The period for submitting petitions on the High Speed 2 (Phase 1) hybrid bill to the House of Lords is over, and the Committee will begin hearing petitions after the summer recess.

The House of Lords Select Committee is chaired by Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe. The other members of the Committee are Lord Brabazon of Tara, Lord Elder, Lord Freeman, Lord Jones of Cheltenham, Baroness O'Cathain and Lord Young of Norwood Green.       

You can read more about the Committee proceedings on their website or follow them on Twitter @HS2Parliament.  It is also easy to follow the progress of the bill in Parliament on this website

Please also remember to check the news section of this website for the information about the latest work I am doing on HS2 on behalf of my constituents.