Government Activity from 25 November to 30 November 2019

Government activity over the past few

On Sunday 25h November, the Prime Minister made astatement at EU Council, marking the culmination of our exit negotiations with the EU.


Also on Sunday,Lucy Frazer launched aCall for Evidence to seek views on what more should be done to protect the public from aggressive bailiffs under new plans to end intimidating practices and better protect vulnerable people.


On Monday 26th November, the Prime Minister made astatement to Parliament on the EU Withdrawal Agreement, in which she called on MPs to back the Brexit deal and put an end to division and uncertainty.


Also on Monday, Michael Goveunveiled the most comprehensive picture yet of how the climate could change over the next century, in a speech at the Science Museum.


Also on Monday, Jake Berryannounced the allocation of £1 million of Coastal Revival Funding to restore coastal landmarks and bring economic growth to communities up and down the Great British Coast.


Also on Monday, Mel Stridesigned new arrangements with each of the Crown Dependencies, maintaining and reaffirming our close customs relationships. This will ensure that when the UK leaves the EU, traders moving goods between the UK and the CDs will continue to pay no customs duty.


On Tuesday 27th November, the Prime Minister visited Wales and Northern Ireland to set out how the Brexit deal works for every corner of the United Kingdom, with increased powers for Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh.


On Wednesday 28th November, the Prime Ministervisited Scotland to set out how this deal protects jobs and trade while providing new opportunities for Scotland’s businesses and fishing industry.


Also on Wednesday, the Chancellor set out how the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal is the best available for our economy, providing certainty for businesses so they can invest and protect jobs.


Also on Wednesday, Chris Graylingannounced the conclusion of a new ‘open skies’ air services arrangement with the United States, ensuring the UK remains one of the world’s leading aviation hubs after Brexit for both travellers and businesses.


On Thursday 29th November, Ben Wallaceset out how the Brexit deal strikes the right balance on security, setting the foundations for the most comprehensive security relationship the EU has ever had with another country.


Also on Thursday, James Brokenshirepublished a consultation seeking views on the reorganisation of local government in Northamptonshire.

On Friday 30th November, Liam Fox set out theapproach we want to take to unlock our potential and become a global exporting superpower, striking free trade deals around the world, boosting jobs and the whole UK economy.