European Withdrawal Bill (17 January 2019)

Parliament rejected the current draft of the European Withdrawal Bill by 432 votes to 202 and this was immediately followed by a call for a vote of no confidence in the Government from Jeremy Corbyn MP, in accordance with the Fixed Term Parliament Act.

This debate took place and Parliament voted that it did have confidence in the Government by 325 votes to 306.

The Prime Minister has undertaken to consult colleagues on all sides of the House of Commons in order to find a common way forward which will deliver on the result of the Referendum and command a majority in the House.

I have already had the opportunity of a meeting with the Prime Minister earlier today.

On Monday 21 January the Prime Minister will bring forward another statement for consideration which will be amendable.

I voted for the Withdrawal Agreement and my reasons can be found in the longer speech draft on this website. I voted to support the Government as did all Conservative MPs. For constituents still supporting another referendum I continue to remain opposed.

Future updates will be posted on this website.