Aleppo, Syria

The scenes from Aleppo are distressing, and the levels of violence within the Syrian regime makes political transition difficult. However, the Government is continuing its efforts to persuade both sides to agree to a ceasefire and work towards a political solution.
I am pleased that the Government continues to work with international partners to try to find a way through this situation. The UK is taking the lead, alongside our allies America and France, in highlighting what is happening in Syria. We have been putting pressure on Syria and Russia through the UN Security Council, and we stand ready to help the United Nations with its inquiry into the recent attack on a humanitarian convoy.  
As well as diplomatic efforts, we are also at the forefront of the humanitarian response in the region.  The UK has pledged £2.3 billion to the Syria crisis and is the second largest humanitarian donor after the US. Britain has also done a huge amount to mobilise the international community. In February, we co-hosted a conference and secured pledges of more than $12 billion, which is the largest amount ever raised in a one-day conference.
As an absolute priority, the regime needs to stop bombing its civilians, and Russia needs to understand that we need to get aid through to all areas, so that humanitarian deliveries can reach the civilian population.