Brexit Update (April 4 2019)

Yesterday by only one vote the House of Commons gave a second and third reading to the European Union (Withdrawal) (no 5) Bill that aims to avert a No Deal exit from the EU on 12 April.

The Bill having passed through all its stages is currently – as I write -  in the House of Lords for consideration.  This unusual procedure followed the “takeover” of the business of the House by a small cross-party group of MPs. I am not in support of the manner in which this change to procedure has been carried out or the precedent that it is setting. However, the House supported it by passing a Business motion by a mere 5 votes.

Please find a link to yesterday's proceedings below

In a separate move the Prime Minister, following a long Cabinet meeting on 2nd April, announced that she will be meeting with the Leader of the Opposition in order to see if common ground can be found to pass a withdrawal agreement through cross party cooperation.

The talks which commenced yesterday were constructive, with both sides reported as showing flexibility and a commitment to bring the current Brexit uncertainty to a close.  

The Government has set out a forward programme of work to ensure it delivers for the British people, protecting jobs and security and is seeking to find a majority in the House of Commons in order to make progress.

The negotiating teams have reconvened today for a full day of intensive discussions, recognising the need for urgency.

A further update will be posted at the beginning of next week and before the EU Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday 10 April.

Again this office continues to received unprecedented levels of e mails and in order to prioritise casework and urgent matters I would ask that you continue to refer to this website. Thank you.