Brexit Update ( 30 August 2019)

Thank you for your correspondences about the prorogation of Parliament after the September sittings.


Parliament will resume on 14 October. This is not an unusual event and a Queen’s Speech and a State Opening of Parliament is needed for a new legislative programme to commence. The conference recess is going to be  a little longer than is usual in order to prepare for the occasion so soon after a new PM has entered no 10.


After three years and hundreds of hours of debate on “Brexit” something needed to change.  I voted three times for the last Prime Minister’s deal to try and leave the EU with an agreement. As Parliament did not support that deal,  it is necessary to either present them with a new deal or now, as Parliament accepted, leave with the so called “no deal” on 31 October. (However as every day passes the necessary arrangements are being made to minimise any disruption if no new agreement is reached).


I attach the letter I received earlier this week from the Prime Minister so that you can see the detail of what was actually announced.


Parliament is still in recess and returns on Tuesday 3 September when this matter will be discussed at length. There are also various legal actions taking place and, at the moment, we do not know what outcomes there will be or what implications may arise from any decisions. In other words the situation is changing even as I write. 


I believe the Government has to fulfil our manifesto promise at the last election to deliver the result of the Referendum and leaving the EU is now planned to happen on 31 October. We really do  have to get on with a new legislative agenda which requires a Queen’s Speech and a new session of Parliament. This has been the longest session of Parliament in around 400 years and there needs to be a fresh session to introduce legislation.


This timetable as currently proposed still gives the Prime Minister the opportunity to get a new deal with the EU (that would be acceptable to Parliament) at the next summit in October and  it also gives Parliament the time to discuss and debate and finally vote on any such deal. 


Thankyou for letting me know your views.


Yours sincerely


Dame Cheryl



Rt Hon Dame Cheryl Gillan DBE MP

Chesham and Amersham



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