Brexit Update (25 April 2019)

On Tuesday 23rd April Parliament returned after a short recess.


In Prime Minister’s Questions, with the Prime Minister in Northern Ireland for the funeral of murdered journalist Lyra McKee, David Lidington stood in.  


The majority of Questions focused on the appalling terrorist attack in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday and the tragic death of Lyra McKee, the Government made it clear that cross-party talks on Brexit are continuing and the substance and tone of these meetings have been constructive. Both Parties have agreed that common ground needs to be found in order to find a way forward on Brexit.


Some constituents seem to think their view is the one that I should follow but please be aware that I continue to receive representations from all sides of the debate including those who are vehemently against another referendum as well as requests for another vote. However, when asked about a second referendum yesterday, David Lidington reminded the House that MPs have rejected that option a number of times.


Over the past two days the 1922 Committee (of which I am Vice Chairman) has been meeting to look at proposals from MPs on the leadership rules for the Conservative Party. We determined that no rule change would be made at this stage, reminded colleagues that they can send a letter to the Chairman at any stage and those views would be communicated to the Leader and that the 1922 would ask the Prime Minister to put further and better particulars on her announcement earlier in the year that she would stand down after delivering the Withdrawal Agreement. The 1922 will be asking her to set out her plans and a timetable in all other eventualities for example if the Withdrawal Agreement is not passed.


Currently,  the UK will be taking part in European Elections which will held between 23 and 26 May 2019. Nevertheless, we have been granted an extension until October and the EU has agreed that the extension can be terminated when the Withdrawl Agreement has been ratified. Therefore, if Parliament finds a way to legislate before the election day then the UK would not have to take part in these elections.


Our office continues to receive unprecedented levels of e mails and in order to prioritise casework and urgent matters I would ask that you continue to refer to this website for updates. Thank you.