Brexit Update (20 March 2019)

The Government thinks the best approach is to leave the EU with a deal and put this back to Parliament when they believe there is a prospect for a majority for it in the House of Commons.

The Prime Minister warned ahead of the second meaningful vote that the consequences of a loss would be unpredictable – that it would trigger a crisis and that Parliament would seek to take control of this process. That and the Speaker’s ruling has caused a constitutional conundrum which people are working on to find a way through.

I continue to think that the best approach is to leave the EU in a smooth and orderly way with the deal we have negotiated – however imperfect. However I do not know when this will be put back to parliament for a vote as I write.

As the Vice Chairman of the 1922 Committee I am with my colleagues looking at finding a way through having been a signatory and supporter of the original Brady Amendment which gained a majority in the House.

I understand that the Prime Minister will be seeking a short extension to Article 50 when she attends the European Council of Minister meeting tomorrow but in this fast moving and ever changing situation I am trying to deal in facts in this update rather than rumours.

Please continue to consult this website for more information and can I through this thank all those constituents who have been providing opinions and advice. It is very much appreciated even though on occasions we differ on the way forward. I continue to try to deliver Brexit which is what the referendum instructed Parliament and the Government to do and always in the best interests of both the constituency and country.