Brexit Update (2 October 2019)

Thank you for your recent emails on Brexit, I appreciate you letting me know your views.


I believe that we must fulfil our manifesto promise at the last election and deliver the result of the Referendum by 31 October. If we do not, I believe democracy is cast aside and we risk losing the trust of the British public in any future vote. 


The focus over the next few weeks must be to negotiate a deal with the EU, and I continue to support the Government in the hope that the PM can bring back a deal that can be agreed in the House of Commons. 


I want a deal in place with the European Union, which is why I supported Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement three times in Parliament. I have recently signed my name to a statement from “MPs for a deal”, that states “We, the undersigned will vote for a deal that protects the jobs and livelihoods of our constituents and enables the UK to leave the EU on 31 October 2019.”


Earlier this month, Parliament passed a law that aims to block the UK leaving the EU without a deal on 31 October, compelling the Prime Minister to request a Brexit extension on 19 October. I voted against this as I do not believe that the business of the House should be taken over in this fashion. Regardless of what UK law says, any extension to Brexit has to be agreed to by all the other 27 members of the EU and it is possible that other European leaders will not be convinced that they should grant the UK another delay.


If a deal cannot be reached before 31 October, I think what is needed is a General Election. Parliament has continuously rejected leaving without a deal, just as it has rejected not leaving at all, and has failed to find a clear majority for any alternative options on Brexit. After three years and hundreds of hours of debate on “Brexit” something needs to change.


The PM has now sent a new proposal to Brussels in order to renew attempts to obtain an agreement. I am hoping this will be accepted by the EU and also receive support in Parliament 


I do not believe a second referendum would solve anything, in fact, I think it would be very divisive. There is no guarantee that if there was a second referendum it would not be won in either directed by a smaller margin. I do not believe a second referendum would solve the issue of Brexit or change the Parliamentary arithmetic in the House as the majority of MPs want to remain.


Regarding the Supreme Court’s decision last week, I do not know what was said to Her Majesty the Queen, but the PM has said he respects the decision of the Supreme Court and will abide by its ruling. However, we must hold a Queen’s Speech and begin a new parliamentary session as soon as possible. This is the longest parliamentary session in almost 400 years, which began on 21 June 2017, and Parliament needs a new legislative programme.


I receive hundreds of emails often in one day on Brexit, which include the full range of opinions and views. My office only has finite resources and we have to prioritise individual casework, which I am sure you can understand. Can I therefore ask that you continue to check the website for regular updates.