Brexit Update (17 October 2019)

Today the Prime Minister reached a new deal with the EU on the terms covering the UK leaving the EU.

This will be subject to a vote in Parliament and I will be supporting the Government and – as I did three times before – voting for this new Withdrawal Agreement.

Please find links here to the agreement and a letter received from the EU.


Letter from President Jean-Claude Juncker to President Donald Tusk


Declaration by Her Majesty's Government of the UK concerning the Operation of the 'Democratic Consent in Northern Ireland' Provision of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland


Revised Political Declaration Setting Out the Framework for the Future Relationship Between the EU and the UK


Revised Withdrawal Agreement - Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland



For your information, please also find links to the previous Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration which have now been renegotiated. 


Old Withdrawal Agreement  November 2018


Old Political Declaration November 2018