Brexit (6 December 2018)

Thank you so much for your communication on Brexit.


As you can imagine I am receiving an enormous number of e mails and letters on this subject and I apologise that it is now impossible to send an individual response to each one.


Some are for the deal, some are against, some are pro, some are anti the Prime Minister, some want a second referendum, some do not want this at any cost, some want no deal, some are against no deal, some want a general election and some are vehemently against another general election before 2022. Others want us to trade on WTO terms, some prefer Canada plus, others are advocating EFTA and Norway plus. Some want us to revoke Article 50 some do not and some are now expressing opinions on the various amendments that have been tabled to the main motion. You can see that all shades of opinion are being represented.


I myself have been meeting with Government Ministers, representatives from business and industry, Government officials and residents in my constituency. I will also be having a briefing on Privy Council terms.


As I want the best for our country, I will decide which lobby to go through, on any vote that is called in the House of Commons on Brexit, closer to that vote. You will be aware that the situation changes almost on an hourly basis  and I am trying to ensure that I am fully aware of all the implications and developments as well as the format of voting and the substance of any amendments that may be chosen by the Speaker for determination by a vote. I am sure you would expect no less of me.


For example if I had declared last week I would not have been able to consider the advice from the Bank of England and what possible actions a Government would take to ease the issues raised in that report or the Attorney General’s unprecedented statement and subsequent publication of the legal advice which adds to the fuller picture.


Not only this, but the motion on Section 13(1)(B) of the European Withdrawal Act 2018 and several amendments have so far been tabled. There may be more amendments tabled. The business motion allowed for eight hours of debate on each day as follows:-Tuesday 4th, Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th, Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th December. I have applied to speak on Monday 10th December. No amendment will be selected until the final allotted day and up to six amendments may be selected by the Speaker.


However, notwithstanding the complexity of the situation, I am grateful for your engagement and for your views. I am always interested in constituents’ opinions and I am particularly grateful to those who have sent in considered personal opinions.