Brexit (10 January 2019)

The office continues to receive a large volume of letters and e mails with a complete range of opinions. Overnight many identically worded e mails were sent so individual responses are not an option. However I continue to value the input from constituents.

The new debate on Section 13(1) (b) of the European (Withdrawal) Act 2018 started on 9 January and will continue into next week with a current anticipated vote on the motion, together with whatever amendments have been tabled and eventually selected by the Speaker, taking place on Tuesday 15 January. 

An Amendment to the Business Motion was passed through the House which currently means that if the withdrawal agreement is not passed by the House, the Government must bring forward another motion within three sitting days with alternative proposals.

I have applied to speak in the debate on Monday 14th January as last time I was due to speak the business of the House was changed and many MPs were therefore prevented from speaking.

For further details on discussion in parliament yesterday please follow this link.…(SECTION13(1)(B)OFTHEEUROPEANUNION(WITHDRAWAL)ACT2018)(NO2)…