Agriculture Bill and food standards in the UK post Brexit (Update Feb 2019)

Thank you for your e mail concerning the Agriculture Bill and our food standards in the UK post Brexit.

 Speaking at the National Farmers’ Union today, the Environment Secretary will reaffirm the UK’s commitment to high farming standards as we leave the EU – making sure we deliver a green Brexit.

  Our landmark Agriculture Bill is already supporting farmers, but we want to go further by supporting sustainable food production and protecting our high standards in a competitive trading environment. 

As we leave the EU, we will not lower our standards in pursuit of trade deals, and we will use the tools at our disposal – tariffs, quotas and legislation – to make sure standards are protected and to minimise the risk of farmers being left at a competitive disadvantage.

I hope you will welcome – as I do -  the President of the NFU’s idea to establish a Commission to examine how we can maintain high standards and I understand that the Government will be giving it full consideration.

 As we leave the EU and pursue new trade deals we will not compromise our high farming standards and we will work with the sector to enhance standards even further.

 Many thanks for your e mail and showing your concern over this important matter.